Back to Basics

Our “Back to Basics” Summer Series will be focussed on the essentials of building an authentic and personal relationship Jesus. We will also be focusing on the basic fundamentals of Christ-like Living, Outreaching, Evangelism, and Serving, and other key topics.

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At South Bay SDA Church, we strive to live Christ-like lives through service to those we interact with on a daily basis. Our motto is to “Live to Bless Others” through our thoughts, actions, generosity, and interactions with others. South Bay Church is a small church with a big heart located in south San Diego near Imperial Beach. We believe that the first time you attend, you're a visitor.  The second time you attend, you're family.



Can’t make it to church this week? Maybe you’re out of area and just want to worship with us. Get your blessing each week no matter where you are—stream our Sabbath Service live every Saturday right here.