Our Prayer List

Linda Driscoll's Dad
Requested by:
Dave Reiner
I ask that the Church pray for Jerry (Linda Driscoll's Dad) and for Linda. Jerry is currently in the hospital. Specifically, that his medical team may find an answer to be able to get Jerry back on his feet!
Arasi Puni's Health
Requested by:
Pastor Meshach Soli
Please pray for the health of my mother-in-law as we are trying to get her to the states from Samoa safely for medical attention. Her name is Arasi Puni.
Cancer Diagnosis
Requested by:
Ronnie Garcia
A friend of mine from high school was recently diagnosed with cancer. I'm asking for prayers that he can beat the cancer and also that his family will have the strength and courage to get through this battle with him. We know that God is the ultimate healer!

Answered Prayers

Successful Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction
Requested by:
Ronnie Garcia
I'll be going in for septoplasty surgery on Friday, Feb 19th and would like to ask for prayers that God will be the surgeon in charge at the operating table. Even though this is a common outpatient surgery, anything can happen. But in Gods hands, only good can happen.
Surgery went well and my nose is healing great! Thank you for all you prayers!

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